Florida Standards Assessment Portal

To get more in-depth details on the Florida Standards Assessment, go to the website athttp://www.fsassessments.org/.  This website has resources for students and parents, educators, test administrators, and technology coordinators.

To take a training that demonstrates the technological specifications for the assessment, go tohttp://www.fsassessments.org/training-tests.  The answer keys are available athttp://www.fsassessments.org/resources/?section=2-educators-general.

2014-2015 ELA Test Item Specifications

Test item specifications define the content and format of the assessment and test items for each grade level and subject.  Click on the links below do view and download grade-specific item specifications.

ELA Text-Based Writing Rubrics

The writing prompt rubrics define how points will be given within each domain. This document also offers a description of the overall task, stimulus attributes, and assessed standards, as well as directions, acceptable text types, and possible writing topics.

Click the links below to view and download the ELA Writing Rubrics.


FSA Writing Component Updates

Commissioner Pam Steward recently sent a memo that updates our information about the writing component of the ELA assessment.  To download a copy of this memo, click here.

The key points of the memo are:

Mode of Administration

  • The Writing Component for Grades 4-7 will be paper-based in 2014-2015 for both the field test and the operational test.
  • The Writing Component for Grades 8-11 will be computer-based in 2014-2015 for both the field test and the operational test.

Session Length

  • The Writing Component session length will be 90 minutes and students may continue working, if needed, up to 120 minutes.




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