Beginning on Monday, September 14, all students will be taking the i-Ready assessment period 1 (AP1) diagnostic. This ungraded, un-timed test will be used to determine your child’s i-Ready placement level in both English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The goal of the i-Ready diagnostic assessment is to determine the best i-Ready activities for your child to complete during the next few months, based on his/her independent level. Therefore, it is imperative that students complete this assessment on their own, without help from parents or family members. If a student has assistance with the test and scores higher than they would if they completed the test independently, i-Ready will assign lessons for them that are far too difficult, causing undue stress for the student. The more accurate the assessment is, the more appropriate and enjoyable the i-Ready lessons will be for our students.

All students will take the ELA i-Ready assessment during the week of September 14 and the Mathematics i-Ready assessment during the week of September 21 (see attached “i-Ready Testing Plan” schedule). The test will be administered by their English Language Arts teacher and their Mathematics teacher in 2 class periods, with a make-up day on Friday. Please ensure that your child logs into their regularly scheduled class on time in order for them to begin their assessment after they receive instructions from their teacher.

Attached to this email you will find a PowerPoint called “Taking the i-Ready Assessment at Home”. It is a wonderful way for you and your child to prepare for the i-Ready assessment and discuss the importance of “trying your best”. If you would like to explore further, you may visit  Please feel free to reach out to the school if you have any questions.


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