i-Ready Summer Enrichment Lessons are available from June 26, 2018 – August 4, 2018. Students can get a jumpstart on previewing the concepts for the next grade level.

Complete your log and score at 70% or above to be entered into the Back-to-School i-Ready raffle and get your name on the Lancer Leaderboard!

Students can begin to log into the i-Ready Online Instruction through the Student Portal. You will need to select the subject area (Reading or Math) and click on the icon to begin working on the assigned lessons.
Reading & Mathematics

Complete and submit your i-Ready Summer Enrichment Log to Ms. Kinchens in the main office once school returns.

i-Ready Summer Enrichment Flyer

Home Summer Log – 6th Grade

Home Summer Log – 7th Grade

Home Summer Log – 8th Grade


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